Attention is the New Oil.

We create content for VCs & Founders that builds presence.

With zero overheads or hassle.

How We Do It

We 100% handle your content strategy - writing copy and a full content calendar. We use your voice to turn you into a thought leader and build your brand, whilst taking away the operational overhead of hiring freelancers or managing an in-house marketing team.

Refinery Media’s


We interview you (or repurpose media) & use your insights to bring stories to life.


Your complex ideas into easy-to-understand content.


Your insights as high-performing content on the most relevant channels.

What You Get


We use your insights, your words, and your words, and your voice to create world-class content your audience will actually want to read and share.


We handle the whole thing for you. <12 hours per year to get quality weekly content.


No More Forgetting to post. Consistent content compounds, and we take the whole thing off your plate.

Why Us

We get VC. With years of experience as startup operators, we’ve raised over $3m, grown >6-figure communities and built products. Now we manage content strategies for VC funds with $1B+ in exits, trending startup newsletters, professional athletes, and more.


Let's Work

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